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So 2010 huh…What are your new years resolutions?

Why not include ” Be more sustainable” to your list.

It is not that hard to be more observant of your impact on our planet. Simple little steps like making sure to turn off all your lights is already a step towards a sustainable lifestyle.

Try this:
– Unplug your charger after your have completed for phone charge.
– Turn off the sink while brushing your teeth.
– Shave off a couple minutes of your shower time.
– SAY NO TO PLASTIC…buy a reusable grocery bag(s)…or if you forgot go paper– not the best choice but the better choice.

Thats just a start! But a great one!

And i guarantee its a resolution that you can stick to!

Let me know what your new years resolutions are!

Stay Informed!



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Earth Hour

8pm local time, Saturday March 27th,2009 whereever you are on planet Earth.

Switch off your lights for ONE HOUR

Vote Earth, your light switch is your vote!


Be Green!

– Erica

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