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Small Act Network ( belive that¬† “it is the small acts that we can all do that are the most powerful source of change. It is not the big act of one, but the small acts of many that will make this world a better place to live for us and our children.”

Their simple goal is to “raise one penny per person per day ($3.65 per year), which means a potential of over 1 Billion dollars per year for charityin the US. By signing up and simply making your home page you have the opportunity to reach that penny per day goal to help your favorite charity, and importantly, get there without having to spend any of your own money! “— the money doesn’t come from you, but from sponsors and supporters, for every time you access there web page (ie. making your home page– they have a google search too!!)

¬†Something else that’s cool! Every month they have a “New Cause” on their home page. Feeling generous one month? Join the cause and help out! –> This month’s cause “World Hunger” (visit to see how you can do a small act to help)

….oh ya and they have a “simple small act of the day” you can do can even suggest one!

PLEASE sign up at …..its only $3.65 for the year– for a good cause!

Stay Informed! Go Green

– Erica Stephanie Leznik

Ps. Thank you cousin Lana for this amazing info!


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