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I’m Back….FOR GOOD!

Hello World! So I took a little time off and hadn’t blogged in a while. I came to an obvious conclusion that no matter how busy you are at work and in your personal life you ALWAYS have to make time for your passion. I have made numerous excuses for putting my green passion on hold, but that is going to stop. I will make time for it because ultimately it’s what my life revolves around.

So I’m taking a class on weather and climate and we were required to watch the Inconvenient Truth presented by Al Gore. Now I’ve seen this movie quite a few times and believe it’s exclusivly geared towards those knowledgable about the global warming issue. What do you think? Have you seen it? I want to see what you have taken from the film!

That’s all for today!

Talk to you soon!

Go Green! Stay Informed

– Erica


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