Being Green in the Bathroom!

According to the California Urban Water Conservation Council, 60% of household water consumption takes place in the bathroom.

It’s important to practice efficiency and conservation with our water.

TOILETS: Did you know that the toilet is the biggest water user in your house? Bet you didn’t know that the standard toilet uses 7 GALLONS for every flush!!!! So if you are remodeling, or in need for a new toilet, here are some efficient alternatives:

**Low -Flow toilet: surpass even minimum federal standards– 1.6 gallons per flush (gpf). You can find these marked by the EPA’s WaterSense label.

**Dual-flush toilets. These are very popular in Europe, but now being introduced to the American Market. With these, one method of flushing creates the standard 1.6 gpf, while another reserved for liquid waste, allows half the amount .8gpf to flow through. Pressure assisted toilets use water pressure to compensate for the smaller amount of water going through.

Don’t want to spend tons of money? WaterSense toilets fall in the the low-to-middle price range

There is also no water toilets..dry…yuck. But if you are adventures , give it a try.

SHOWER: did you know that every minute the shower uses 2.5 gallons of water?

    – Many new shower heads on the market use only 1.6 gallons per minute.Low flow shower heads not only cut your water use by an impressive 20,000 gallons per year, but also save you 10-16% of the cost of heating that water.

GOING GRAY!!! –> another way to spare the planet’s water is to consider installing a gray water system for your home’s outdoor irrigation needs

  Def: Gray water: reuse the water from your clothes washer, bathtub, showers and silks –50-80 % of total waste water from your household for other purposes. There are simple and complex systems, depending on how engineered savvy you wanna be.

  You can reroute your laundry water to the water your backyard!!!–it would filter all the chemicals from soap and shampoos of course.

Visit: to see more on the process of grey water irrigation.


Thanks for staying informed! Go Green

– Erica


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    Reba said,

    wow! that’s unbelievable! I had NO idea that toilets wasted so much water. It makes me cringe at how much we waste!

  2. 2

    Yes, a lot of water is used up in your bathroom. Another place where water consumption is high is your garden area. Just to add to the wonderful tips above, here are some more tips on water conservation at home, especially bathroom and garden. Hope it helps:

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