Stop Junk-Mail…and protect the environment

Sick of getting pointless credit card offers or catalogs? Me Too! Not only is it annoying but junk mail wastes an incredible amount of natural resources and contributes to global warming!

With, you cant stop junk-mail for up to 5 years!

41 pounds,a nonprofit service, takes you and your household off these mailing lists !!!!

The Environmental Benefits:

Time — No credit card offers to shred or unwanted catalogs.
Trees — Keep 100+ million trees in forests, cooling the planet.
Water — Protect 28 billion gallons of clean water.
Climate — Junk mail produces more C02 than 9 million cars.
Planet — We donate to your favorite charity when you sign up

41 pounds donates “more than 1/3 of your fee to the environmental or community organization
of your choice:
,, Born Free USA, Los Angeles Audubon and others.”- 41pounds

so visit www.41pounds.organd start eliminating

Stay Informed! Go Green!

– Erica


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