Organic- It isn’t just trendy. Its safer for your health and the environment!

Lets talk about Food! mmm

The list of dangers to consider is seemingly endless:

  • Mercury and PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) in fish
  • Arsenic and Antibiotics in chicken
  • Hormones in meat
  • Genetically Modified ingredients
  • Mad Cow Disease
  • Trans Fats….etc

Organic isn’t just healthier for the consumer, but does amazing wonders to the environment. Even as critics claim that organic has been “industrialized” and co-opted by big businesses, there is no question that a lot of good has come out of the organic movement. The conversion of land into organic has been great for the environment. It has enabled consumers to have more access to fruits  and vegetables grown without pesticides and to meat from animals raised on healthier feed.

Buying organic can be pricey. But recently WAL-MART (who would of thought) added a substantial amount of well priced organic foods to its shelves!!

** When you buy organic you are voting for a better kind of agriculture, one that supports a planet with richer soil and a cleaner water supply. Along with eating food that is increasingly thought to be better for your health**

Best way to know its organic–> go local! get your produce and meat at a local farmer’s market. You can’t go wrong with that (and its cheaper)

Decoding –> USDA Certified Organic Label:

  • Fruits and vegetables labeled organic are grown without synthetic chemicals, sewer sludge, genetically modified organisms, or irradiation.
  • There are also strict regulations regarding the composting of manure and when it can be applied.
  • Chickens are fed 100 % organic vegetarian feed, and eggs come from hens that eat organic. There are no animal by-products, antibiotics, or arsenic in feed. Chickens also get access to the outdoors, and farms are inspected to make sure these rules are followed.
  • Fish– only labeled “organic” because there is no official USDA standard for organic seafood. The USDA has discussed possible standards for fish and seafood but there were no proposals– go for “WILD CAUGHT”, at least you know they aren’t mangled in nets and harmfully treated.
  • Meat and Dairy- synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics, hormones, genetic engineering, irradiation, and sewer sludge are prohibited. Animals must eat 100% organic feed.

All other labels are limited in how eco friendly they are.

Foods to Look out For:

*Overly large luscious fruit, like huge strawberries- Well how do you think they got that big? Genetic Alterations! Ew

*Albacore Tuna – only good in moderation-No more than 6 ounces per week and less for smaller children. Eeek i love tuna!!! When eating canned tuna, buy CHUNK LIGHT not albacore tuna, which has about 3X the mercury as light tuna. Now a little tid-bit on Mercury:

  •  [[Mercury, which is one of the most common fish pollutants is released into the air from coal-fired plants and ends up in rivers, lakes and oceans. Its then transformed by bacteria into methyl-mercury, a highly toxic compound that can harm the developing nervous systems of fetuses, infants and young children. There is also evidence that too much consumption of fish containing mercury can cause cardiovascular disease. ]]


Thank you for blogging and staying informed!

 Go Green!..well and ORGANIC

Erica Stephanie Leznik


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