Home Electronics Tips

Home Electronics Tips*
–  When shopping for home electronics look for energy saving “ENERGY STAR” home electronics
–  IMPORTANT: Many appliances continue to draw a small amount of power when they are switched off. Theses appliances include VCRs, TVs, stereos, computers, and kitchen appliances. In the average home, 75% of the electricity used to power home electronics is consumed while the products are turned off. This can be avoided by unplugging the appliance or using a power strip and using the switch on the power strip to cut all power to the appliance.
            –> So unplug your toaster when you are not using it!
            –> Don’t leave your blow-drying plugged in when you aren’t using it!
–  Unplug battery chargers when the batteries are fully charged or the charger is not in use.
– Studies have shown that using rechargeable batteries for products like cordless phones and PDAs is more cost effective than throwaway batteries. If you must use throwaways, check with your trash removal company about safe disposal options.
Stay Informed!  GO GREEN!
Erica Stephanie Leznik
*Information Gathered from The US Department of Energy. For more information visit http://www.eere.energy.gov/


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    Great information, can’t wait to send these tips to my clients

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